How to maximize your Listing: Hunting Properties

Archery Hunting Property

The Highest and Best Use. All in this industry know the value of this term, but are we consistently applying it in an effort to truly maximize the features of your latest listing? In researching ranch and land property listings across the United States, it is evident that there may be value being left on the table. Sometimes this value can be significant, but agents may gloss over it as just another feature. I’m talking about hunting properties. I’ve come across numerous listings with some of the best access to hunting and/or might even qualify for landowner tags that in some areas are worth thousands of dollars; and the listing has nothing more than a bullet point that says Hunting. In order to maximize the value of highest and best use, let’s look at how we can better represent and convert hunting into positive dollar value.

Real Estate Buyer Online Research Trends to Leverage in 2019

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“Know your customer:” This rule is more than just a requirement for financial institutions, it also simply makes good business sense. While banks are required to heed this old adage, there is benefit to be found from all business in taking this simple phrase of advice to heart, and it is certainly relevant to the modern-day real estate industry. Where your next client comes from may be the key to selling your land listing, and leaving it to chance that they might drive by your listing and see your yard sign, or possibly drop in during floor hours limits the scope of landing that next client. As the US becomes more digital in every faction, the start of 2019 is a great time to review your virtual footprint and evaluate the impact of your online marketing efforts. If you truly ‘know your customer’, you won’t have to wait to find them – they will find you.

Why You Should Be Staging Your Land For Sale


Land normally does not sell itself, and requires a special touch to maximize the inherent value to new clientele. That is why we all got into this business right? It is the unique ability
of a land agent to communicate to new clients the promise of opportunity in a listing; what assets set this parcel apart from the rest, and how it is a strong investment value in a market
which can offer many similarities, all competing for buyer views. So how do you set yourself apart from the fray? Let’s take a cue from the residential side of the business to see how a land agent can consider maximizing their resources to reach a better end result; staging a land parcel for sale.